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Ask T-Roots: Deep Condition and Steaming Dry Hair

Ask T-Roots: Deep Condition and Steaming Dry Hair

Q: What’s the best way to deep condition and steam my hair? Should I put the deep conditioner on my hair dry and go under the steamer or should I put it on after my hair is washed? -Aisha J.

A: Deep conditioning is a major key to healthy hair, especially for dryer, porous hair types that lose moisture to the environment more easily. That said, you should always use a deep conditioner on freshly washed hair because it’s the perfect canvas to absorb active ingredients. As you know, dirty hair has buildup from products we use over the course of a week ( should be washing weekly but we’ll get to that in another post) like oils, pomades, gels, etc. These products create a barrier that water-based conditioners can’t penetrate and the whole point of using a hair masque is to allow the product’s active ingredients to go to work i.e. repair, moisturize, etc. 

Our Creme Brulee deep conditioning masque has panthenol—a form of Pro Vitamin B5—which is a moisturizer and conditioner. It also has silk amino acids to penetrate the cuticle into the hair shaft to help with hydration, flexibility and manageability. Now, adding steam into the mix just makes it a bit easier for deep conditioners to work their magic because the warm, moist vapor allows the hair to swell and absorb moisture. And there are many different methods and tools you can use to steam: plastic cap, hot towel, heat cap, electric hair steamer.

Do you deep condition and steam often? If so, have you noticed a difference in your hair? Comment and let us know below.

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