Salon Services

T-Roots Beauty Studio specializes in providing quality salon services for textured hair. We offer a range of hairstyling options, including big chops, trims, rod sets, updos, hair color.

We are following COVID-19 best practices to keep guests safe during appointments, including sanitization, social distancing and most importantly requiring that all guests must wash their hands on arrival and wear a mask for the duration of the appointment. 

Services are provided by appointment ONLY. We accept payments by credit and debit cards. You can reach us at or (917) 633-9094.    

[PLEASE READ] Here are a few notes and tips for a successful appointment:

1. Parking during the weekdays can be tricky. Please plan ahead so that you can arrive on time. "I'm here, just trying to find parking" means you're really not here. 

2. Please cancel or reschedule 48 hours in advance if you cannot make an appointment. You can conveniently do this from the link in the booking confirmation (mobile and email). No shows are not cool. It's also unfair to clients who really want an appointment. 

3. Services include a standard shampoo/condition. Please book any add on treatments ahead of time so that we have enough time. 

4. Please do not book stand-alone styling services (rods, silk press, up do, etc) if it's been more than 3 months since your last trim (a professional trim, not the "I've been doing myself at home" kind). Clean ends are required for a polished, final look. It's advised to book a trim package or add a trim service to stand-alone styling services. 

5. I'm pretty fast and efficient at detangling hair. But, there are those cases where the client has excessive tangles and matted hair (usually after braids) that requires 30-45 minutes to detangle. This can throw off appointments significantly. There will be an up-charge in these instances. 

6. ALL color services require a consultation. This is the best and healthiest option so that I can assess your hair to determine if you are a color candidate. It'll also give us time to discuss your color goals. It's best to come to the appointment with 2-3 inspiration pictures of someone with a similar texture, curl pattern, density, and length. 

7. For those with color appointments, please come with clean, stretched hair. NO gel, grease, oils, heavy creams, or wet hair, etc. 


I look forward to having you sit in my chair! 


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