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Our Founder

Tamy Cozier-Charles is a licensed natural hair stylist and self-professed product junky with a passion for haircare. In 2013, she decided to give up chemical relaxers to embrace the natural hair movement. As part of her journey, she grew frustrated with chronic dry hair. As a journalist who has worked for major networks and magazines, she decided to use her research skills to find a solution to help her retain moisture. What began as an idea out of necessity eventually evolved. Through product making classes, she gained the skills to formulate safe, effective hair and skincare products with the aim of helping others keep their kinks, coils and curls healthy and hydrated. With T-Roots, her goal is to help women—especially young women and girls—embrace and celebrate their natural hair.

Our Products

T-Roots is a handcrafted line of hair and skincare products made from the very best in nature. Developed for a range of hair and skin textures, our products are filled with soothing butters, rich oils and nourishing botanicals.

Our Mission

We understand that the relationship with our hair and skin goes well beyond what's on the surface. So it's our mission to create affordable, gentle products that are free of unnecessary fillers to allow your inner beauty to shine through.