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Crown Act to End Hair Discrimination?

Crown Act to End Hair Discrimination?

Hair discrimination is real y'all. I've experienced it and know of countless others who have too. But, hopefully the house approved "Crown Act" can help put an end to race-based hair discrimination or at least hold perpetrators accountable. The law is set to make its way before the senate before it can become a part of federal law. 

It's unfortunate that in 2022, women of color still have to stress over how their hair is perceived in the workplace. I can't count the number of times I've heard clients say natural hair isn't professional or they quickly come in for a press because anything other than straight is not "acceptable" for a job interview. 

While we wait for the Crown Act to hopefully become federal law...I should point out that a few states have passed their own laws on the matter including New York, New Jersey, California and most recently Massachusetts, to name a few. 

But beyond bills and laws, my hope is that anyone who chooses to wear their hair "natural" becomes more comfortable and confident in how it grows from their scalp.

Have you ever experienced hair discrimination? Let us know in the comments.


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