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Salon Trauma Black Woman Screams

Five tips on choosing a natural hair stylist that's right for you!

Salon trauma is real AF! Finding a stylist that you can trust is hard and trust that even as a stylist I've had this experience. It's super traumatic to commit to visiting a salon only to leave feeling emotionally and physically abused. That's what happened to Alexis. When I first saw this video of her recent experience at a salon...I was mortified. But, decided to put together a quick cheat sheet on how to find a salon/stylist that's right for you. 


FIVE TIPS on choosing a stylist:


1. REFERRALS - Typically this a a good place to start. Admire someone's hair? Ask them for their stylist's info especially if they rave about their experience. 

2. SOCIAL MEDIA - Search the stylists/salon's social media page to make sure you're the right fit. This is super important because you can't expect for someone who only posts super straight blow outs to give you a bomb twistout. Styling natural hair (beyond straight styling) is probably not their move accordingly. 

3. REVIEWS - Now this is a tricky one because some reviews are straight BS (chileeee don't I know). But, reading reviews and in particular how the stylist responds to reviews can give you a clue as to how they handle their business and consumer concerns. 

4. REACH OUT - There's nothing wrong with reaching out for clarity prior to booking. However, please take the time to read a stylists website and service descriptions because a majority of the time your question has already been answered. 

5. BOOK A CONSULT - Booking a consult before committing is a great way to see if you like the environment and/or vibe with the stylist. This can involve booking an actual consult or a lower ticket service like just a shampoo/condition to see if you actually want to commit to something more serious like a haircut or color service. 


WATCH Alexis's horrible salon experience below... 


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